To Avert Disaster....

The stakes are raised

Joshua seems to barely notice several of the fights. He easily dispatches several of the fighters, before he’s confronted by a beastman. The two clash, with Joshua taking a fair bit of injury before finally dispatching his foe. Then, he turns to the last standing contestants: Archer and a woman who is hiding while throwing poisonous darts at people. For the longest time, Joshua seems to be unable to find her, but eventually she slips up, and is spotted by Archer, who in a fit of irritation, kills her with an arrow.

Methis is highly pleased. He gives the two obvious solars a mission: Spy on a list of people he will provide, avert a civil war on the Blessed Isle, and they will be paid enough to live comfortably for the remainder of their lives. He gives the names:
Ledaal Kes, Sesus Nagezzer, Mnemon, Tepet Ejava, and Tepet Arada.

Joshua and Archer accept the job, and get their first payment, which they immediately begin to spend. The following day, transportation is arranged: The two men are going to the Imperial City.



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