To Avert Disaster....

An offer is given

Outside, Joshua runs into a man leaning against a wall. He greets Joshua with a “You too, huh?” After a drawn out conversation, two things become clear: The stranger is an exalt, and that his name is ‘Archer’. He says it’s not his real name. Both he and Joshua enter the warehouse at the selected time, and find themselves surrounded by other possible applicants. At this point, Ragara Methis appears before them all, with a simple statement: “The job requires skill, stealth, and discretion. It will be incredibly dangerous.” Half the people gather file out the door, thinking themselves over their heads. But not Joshua. Not Archer. Seeing their numbers diminish, Methis smiles. “I only require two of you” he says, looking over the nine people still there. “We shall have tryouts. Face each other in combat. Whomever wins may have the job.” Archer catches on first, driving an arrow through the nearest competitor’s leg. As he collapsed to the ground, the other people gathered begin to fight….. And Joshua begins to enjoy himself.



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